Settling in Red Larch

After the untimely demise of some former party members and some uncomfortable conversations regarding shaman and free will, Zoltar and his band of adventurers have come to an understanding.  They decided to set out from Evermist, leaving all those troubles behind and see if they could increase their fortunes elsewhere, free from the evil influences surrounding that place.  

They have come far north, past Waterdeep up The Long Road to the busy town of Red Larch.  At the intersection of two trade routes, this lively place has a number of taverns, a traveler's shrine staffed by clerics of many faiths, wagonmakers, clothiers, stoneworks and all of the other things you'd expect in a town catering to caravans traveling through.   It's located in the Dessarin Valley area near the Sumber Hills.

Unsure if this is their final destination, they have taken a respite at The Swinging Sword Inn and have found new adventures, for old times sake, if not for wealth.  Although, wealth will be what they seek soon enough, I expect.  The area is filled with strange elemental occurrences and crazy weather.  Beasts roam the land and it is no longer safe to travel.  

Current State of the Adventure

The group is currently at the entrance passage to Knifepoint Gully.  After an attempted single-file entry, they were attacked from behind by three spellcasters (known as hurricanes) with lots of wind spells.  After retreating from the narrow fissure and defeating the hurricanes, the party regroups and is waiting to attempt a second entry.

Prior Sessions (First name Jeff)


Session 1 – The Plague of DJ Lance Rock

Session 2-3 – Sumber Hills Investigation

Session 4-5ish – The Party Needs a Bard

Session 6?  7? – B&E at The Sacred Stone Monastery

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Summit Apocalypse

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