Summit Apocalypse

Sumber Hills Investigation

Exploring Red Larch and the surrounding hills

After returning to the Red Larch and getting some rest, the party spent the day in town looking around.  It was market day and everyone went down to the market area to check it out.  Grund was working on selling his pickles but Zoltar discovered that Grund was working for a secret society as well, and convinced him to take him on a tour of his other workplace here in town.  Brunhilde and the rest of the gang took over the pickle stand while Zoltar and Grund went for a walk.

Grund showed Zoltar to an underground complex that runs between Waelvur's Wagonworks and the Mellikho Stoneworks.  This is the lair of the Believers, a group of businessmen in town who are aware of the supernatural properties of the complex and, according to Grund's minimal understandings, try to run the town from the behind the scenes.  While there, Zoltar was shown an elaborate cage trap where Grund usually stood guard and found a young child, Braelen,  weighted down by stones as punishment from his father, Rothar Haverhand.  He was being punished for failing to deliver a message to Ilmeth Waelvur.  Zoltar felt it best to leave the boy undisturbed and he and Grund returned to the pickle stand where the rest of the party had set a sales record on the day.  Zoltar did manage to glean that Baragustas Harbuckler, Marlandro Gaelkur and Ilmeth Waelvur are all Believers and that they guard the Moving Stones (levitating stones in a cave) that a priest uses to divine the future.  The levitating stones are believed to be related to the Delvers, ancient dwarves entombed in the caverns overseeing these ancient mysteries.  Also, Believer activity has increased since the arrival of an Earth Priest several months ago.

That night, the party continued to keep their ears open at the Swinging Sword as well as some of the less reputable joints in town, like The Helm at Highsun where the locals get drunk, and Gaelkur's, where not only can you get a drink, but also a haircut, the occasional magical item of interest and drugs.  Here the heavy drinkers of the heroes of Evermist heard from the sheperd, Larmon Greenboot, about some shallow graves that had recently appeared nearby in the Sumber Hills.  Rumors were also heard throughout town of a missing delegation from Mirabar.  They were supposedly a large, well-armed party, but nowhere to be found.  The last place they were seen was Beliard.  

The following morning, the party set out to examine the graves, accompanied by Larmon.  They exhumed the graves and found three humans, a woman wearing a symbol of Mirabar, a man in stony armor and black cloak, and a man in a white robe with black feathers on it.  There was also a dwarf wearing robes.  Tracks indicate a battle, with arrows and javelins being found.  A few miles to the north, a large spire reaches into the air surrounded by birds.  Larmon says that is Feathergale Spire, a hunting club of some knights from Waterdeep.  The party decide to head that way to see if someone there had perhaps seen something.


On the way, two ankhegs attacked and were pretty easily defeated.  When reaching Feathergale Spire, the party was greeted kindly at the gatehouse by Savra Belabranta, and escorted to the pinnacle of the tower to meet Thurl Merosska.  While some are talking to Thurl, Brayowen sneaks a peek through a telescope mounted at the edge of the tower but pointed downward.  She glimpses a hooded figure entering a concealed passage across the valley. Thurl is the leader of the Feathergale Knights who are indeed an aerial hunting society, riding and hunting flying mounts for sport and excitement.  After sharing stories over dinner, the party is invited to a manticore hunt and provided mounts.  Alfar must decline as he is too large to ride a hippogriff.  The rest of the party give it a whirl and Adri ends up killing the manticore, taking the prize of Thurl's (non-magical) ring.  

Thurl, suitably impressed with the party, offers them some information about some reclusive monks of the Sacred Stone Monastery.  She believes that they may have evil intentions and perhaps were responsible for the graves that the party had found.  She enlists their aid in investigating the group.  As the party was leaving, Savra was very excited that they had all been so successful and made such a good impression on Thurl.  Savra encouraged them to return so that they could help the Feathergale Knights to "master elemental air to annhilate Waterdeeps enemies", a strange turn of phrase from a member of a hunting club. 

Everyone made it back to Red Larch without further incident.  


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